I’m a professional outdoor photographer and native Californian. Having lived and worked for most of my adult life in both California and Hawaii, I currently make my home in Redding. For me the joy of photography has always been in seeking to capture the awesome beauty of the Hawaiian Islands as well as the majestic landscapes that make California and the mainland US a living wonderland. I received my formal training in traditional photography from a leading San Francisco-based photographer and have received numerous awards and recognition for which I am most grateful. My style has been described as “highly attentive to detail as well one that demonstrates mastery of the use of natural light in order to capture nature in the most realistic manner.” 

I also enjoy sharing knowledge with my friends and customers and take great pleasure in conducting workshops to help both novice and aspiring professionals learn the fundamentals of digital photography in an age of rapidly advancing technology. That my photography is being displayed in homes, galleries and workplaces all over the world provides me with satisfaction, I particularly value the many customer and personal friendships that have come from the shared passion for photography as an art form.


Camera Equipment

Pentax 645Z Medium Format / Lenses: Pentax FA 35mm/ Pentax 55-110mm/ Pentax 120mm Macro Filters: Lee Big Stopper/ ND  Filters/ Circular Polarizer

Canon 1DS Mark III Full Format / Lenses: Canon 20-35mmL, Canon Macro 100mm L, Telephoto 300mm, Canon 70-180mm L,  5.8mm f/3.5 Circular Fisheye Lens. Filters: Singh-Ray Circular Polarizer Filter, ND soft filters