Q: Can you do custom orders?

A: Yes! All images can be produced in different sizes on metal, canvas or prints. I can also frame or print on acrylic upon request. Just let me know the image and desired size and I can send you a sample of the cropping by email along with a quote.

Q: Will you ship internationally?

A: Yes! I have excellent shipping rates and will be happy give you a quote.

Q: Why is there a larger price difference between gallery wrap canvas and metal in the larger sizes?

A: The cost per square inch in metal stays roughly the same in all sizes whereas the cost per square inch for canvas goes down in the larger sizes due to the fixed cost of wrapping the canvas on the stretcher bars. Larger metal prints may also require crating for shipping.

***Note single panel (solid piece)  in Metal over 40" long needs to be crated which add to shipping materials and heavier weight in shipping cost.  This is why you see a price jump after 40" in Metal.

***Note single panel (solid piece) in Canvas Gallery Wrap over 60" long needs to be crated which add to shipping materials and heavier weight in shipping cost. This is way you see a price just after 60" long.    

Q: What is the difference between high gloss and lustre finish?

A: Metal prints have traditionally been produced in high-gloss. However, the lustre finish (mid-gloss) will reduce glare especially in rooms with lots of windows – both are stunning. I print canvas gallery wraps with a luster finish unless high-gloss is requested.

Q: What if I would like to give this as a gift?

A: Great! I’m always happy to either gift-wrap and/or include a note if desired – at no additional charge.

Q: How is it that you are able to print in such large dimensions and still retain the quality and clarity of the image?

A: All my camera equipment is professional grade , from the backs, lens & filters.  My main camera is a medium format camera which has a bigger sensor than the ones found in full-frame cameras (which many photographers use) and because of that, they are capable of capturing more detail and tonal range, which results in smoother tonal transition and better color accuracy.

Q: Some images note “LE”, what does that mean?

A: Limited Edition, I offer many Limited Editions images which means I limit the printing to 250 of Metal, Canvas and Acrylic.  Your LE image will be signed and number by me in the lower right hand corner. You will receive an certificate of  authenticity.

Q: What is a triptych?

A:  Triptych’s are simply a panorama image split it into three square panels, leaving an inch separation between each panel. They are very popular and truly captivating!