Photography Tips on Shooting Vertical Panorama DSLR and Phone Photography

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Tips for shooting Vertical Panoramas 

DSLR Photographers.
 Photograph your shots using the same method as you would a panorama, except you pan vertically. 
Tips for shooting Vertical and Horizontal Panoramas

DSLR Photographers.
Photograph your shots using the same method as you would a panorama, except you pan vertically.
Tips for shooting Vertical and Horizontal Panoramas
1. Lens Selection
Use a standard lens 35mm-80mm as there is minimal lens distortion
2. Use A Tripod
You will get much better results using a tripod, your photos will be aligned on one axis. 
3. Shoot RAW
Raw images are not compressed nor have any adjustments been made to the image from the camera. Additionally Raw gives you far more options in post editing. You can stitch an image together in Lightroom
4. Shoot in Manual Mode
The importance of shooting in Manual Mode is to insure your values don't change between shots.  Set you camera to the brightest part of your scene to avoid any blow outs in your highlights. (refer to your histogram). 
Note: If your exposure is over 6 stops apart from my brightest to shadow area of the scene, your might want to shoot HDR. I would keep the HDR to only images and 2 stops apart
5. Set Your Focal Distance
Set your focal distance on manual to ensure your focal distance doesn't change between shoots. A typical guide is to focus one-third of the distance from were you are shooting.  On vertical typically you have a narrow subject like a tree, if that is the case focus on it
6. Set Your White Balance
You will want to set your White Balance and not have it on Automatic where it can change between your shots
7. Position Your Camera Horizontal
For Vertical Panorama shots you want to position your camera horizontal to give you a bit more wiggle room.  For Horizontal panorama you want to position your camera vertically 
8. Take Multiple Shots with an Overlap
You will need at least 30% overlap between shots you software can to match and align.  I personally take anywhere from 3 to 5 shots to keep from distortion and I have found better results with less 
Tip: I always start from right to left or bottom to top, so when I look at my hundreds of images in a shoot it is easier for me to identify my photo series
9. Merge Your Photos Together... this is the magic! 
There are many different softwares out there that can photo merge to panorama. I use Lightroom CC. 
Important: DO NOT edit your images before you merge them
    a. Select your images in Lightroom that you want to merge
    b. Main Menu: go to Photo> Photo Merge> Panorama 
    c. I leave it on auto projection but I recommend uncheck to auto crop, this will give you more image to work with in cropping 
    d. Merge your image then edit it in your regular edit flow
HDR images: You'll want to merge your HDR images with the different exposure values and using no other adjustments first. Then Photo Merge your HDR images for Panorama.  
e. If your Photo Merge is having a difficult time aligning a vertical panorama try rotating your images horizontal for the Photo Merge.
The more you panoramas you do the easier they become!

Phone Photographers
iphone users
1. Swipe right to "PANO" mode
2. Hold your phone horizontally
3. Press the camera button
4. Follow the arrow to shoot the image
5. Tap "Done" when complete
Android users
1. Under the menu, go to "Panorama"
2. Tap "Vertical"
3. Move the camera to the next gray dot and repeat until there are no more gray dots
4. Tap "Done" when complete

Couple of extra phone tips

a. Stand close to your subject so there’s less foreground to make tall subjects, like buildings, look extra heightened
b. Capture things both in front of you and behind you by starting with your arms outstretched and the camera in front of you, then reach your arms over and behind your head as you shoot.


Magnificent Redwood LE -Redwood National ParkMagnificent Redwood LE -Redwood National Park


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Thank you ma'am Melody for the tips of shooting for Vertical Panoramas. It's a great help. Thank you and God bless.
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